What Are Military Drones?

Military drones or military UAVS, are the ultimate tools that every security unit uses for preforming a complex and covert surveillance mission – without endangering human life. Drones are sent to preform a mission autonomously and are remote controlled by an operator via a sophisticated GCS Unit.

There are many different types of military drones, but what makes a military drone the “new soldier” in the field and why it is a must have product for every security unit. 

what are military drones

What are the difference between commercial and military drones?

• A military drone characterizes in higher demands of reliability, as a fact that these drones are used in important missions regarding national security and lifesaving, therefore there is no room for mistakes and errors.
• A military mission is a long and well-planned mission, therefore, we wish the drone will have long endurance flight time, 60 minutes or more.
• A military drone needs to be covert and operate in stealth Vs a commercial uav drone, which needs to be visible for the operator.
• Military drones will be operated with sophisticated ground control units, which provide not only live video stream, but the ability to mark targets on the map to guide ground forces to the target, and many other special operation features.
• Military drones require encryption of the data being sent from It to the ground station.
• Military drones require the ability to withstand against GPS and Communication jamming as opposed to a commercial drone, which will usually preform an emergency land or simply crash.
• A military drone is apart of a system, which includes a ground control unit and a designated carrying unit (payload), for safe and ease of carrying in rough terrain, and for the need of quick and easy deployment in the field, as opposed to a commercial drone, which these demands are less thought of and deploying a commercial drone, is usually slow and complicated.

Why does a military drone need’s to be covert?

A military drone needs to be covert not only in visibility in the sky but must also be as quiet as possible. The more the drone is covert and quiet, the less likely it will be spotted; therefore, you can get close to your target and get better visualization of your target without being noticed.

How to achieve covertness?

Visible stealth can be achieved buy decreasing the dimensions of the drone and painting it in a similar color as possible as the sky, including all payloads and the propellers.

Noise stealth is a complicated issue which has little to no analytic data information and requires a lot of trial and error. The noise is a product of the propellers moving thru the air, the friction of the propellers with the air is the source of the loud sound, the faster the motors spin, the noise will be louder. There is a direct link between the drone’s power efficiency and its noise signature.

The Aero-Sentinel G2 drone, Is the most efficient military drone system in the world, which meets all of the criteria mentioned above:
The Sentinel G2 drone with EO+THERMAL payload weighs less than 4kg, it can fly up to 5 km and has 80 minutes flight time, very low noise signature and a compact system easy to operate.

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