Surveillance drone for military and defance force

Tactical ISTR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) platforms provide military users with unmatched strategic advantages. Aero Sentinel offers a range of military uav, designed especially for ISTR missions. Thanks to the capability of flying at low altitudes, thus enabling under–the-radar flight, and to minimal acoustic and visual signature construction, covert operation is made possible. The military quadcopter small, quiet, easy to operate tactical UAV systems carry high quality day and night payloads with real-time communication and video links.

Rapid deployment is another aspect with high importance while performing ISTR missions; these innovative systems are built to enable minimal turnaround time and immediate portability. The quadcopters can be assembled in less than five minutes, swapping batteries and sensors is a ‘plug-n-play’ procedure that can be performed by one person with no need for complex training. All these, combined with VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and up to 90 minutes of endurance, are made to support the operational concept of independent Intelligence gathering by a platoon in combat with our military drones.
The delivery of target status analysis and geographic data directly to a small tactical unit or individual soldier is priceless. Information gathering is made accessible, easy and not life threatening as it was before. Making use of these quadcopters saves lives while obtaining a significant advantage during wartime.

All of Aero Sentinel’s quadcopters are operated from a unified GCS (Ground Control System) which presents all gathered information in one coherent, user-friendly application. The drone GCS is based on a ruggedized laptop that can be used in harsh environmental conditions that can be encountered in a war zone.
Some of the drones missions advantages include enabling around-the-corner insights in real time; which allows warning the team in advance for enemies and potential threats. This type of information ensures safer movement in urban, rural and different terrains, therefore making troops proactive based on field intelligence. Obtaining this critical information reduces the risks for soldiers and civilian population by pin-pointing military response accurately to the potential threat.

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