Military Drones Manufacturer

Aero Sentinel, an Aerosol company (established in 2007), is a leading manufacturer in the tactical UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) industry, developing military drones with unmatched performance for combat, HLS (Home Land Security), police, civilian and aerospace markets.

The UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle , are designed to fit various applications and meet different needs by emphasizing key features that make a UAS complete. Amongst the top five features kept in mind are: interoperability, survivability, persistence, low life-cycle cost and ease of use. Aero Sentinel’s wide range of quadcopter drones were develpoed to detect and assess threats, manage information and act as first responders, with maximum reliability and cost-effective operation.

Our professional drone innovative systems are operated from a unified GCS (Ground Control System) and built to enable minimal turnaround time for rapid deployment and immediate portability combined with VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capabilities are suited make Aero Sentinel’s quadcopters the perfect fit for any kind of tactical team as first responders- military or civilian.

The operating GCS incorporates a user friendly, intuitive software for mission planning, flight monitoring and dual real-time control of the drone and camera; thus providing the ultimate solution for ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) missions of all kinds.

The military drone manufacturer is located in the center of Israel, only 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. The labs are equipped with the advanced technology and highly professional personnel with various qualifications. High standards lead the way through the complete process- from R&D planning throughout manufacturing and delivery.


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