Mobilicom Integrates SkyHopper Drone Data Link with Aero Sentinel rescue platforms

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Mobilicom Ltd. developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology has secured an additional design win for SkyHopper PRO with international manufacturer of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Aero Sentinel. Tel Aviv-based Aero Sentinel is a manufacturer of civil and homeland security drones that cater to a broad range of applications, with a broad worldwide customer base.

The key applications that are served by Aero Sentinel’s drones, such as first responder, search and rescue and reconnaissance missions, require extremely reliable drone communication elements that will operate in harsh environmental conditions. SkyHopper PRO’s long-range transmission and non-line of sight capabilities are essential for these applications, as is its ability to transmit secure, encrypted data and video to an unlimited number of personnel in the field. In an effort to perform operations in these key applications, Aero Sentinel’s drones possess long flight times of 70-80 minutes, are equipped with day and night cameras and have a low noise signature.