Sentinel Military Drones

Advanced Low Weight UAV System

Sentinel In the Sky

Aero Sentinel, an Aerosol company, is a leading manufacturer in the tactical UAS industry, developing military drones with unmatched performance for combat, HLS  and aerospace markets. The wide range of military quadcopters are operated from a ruggedized GCS  and are designed as Military UAVs with rapid deployment capabilities for tactical teams as first responders. The Sentinel drones are turnkey solutions for ISTAR.

Heavy Payload Drone
Heavy Payload Drone
Most Efficient Drone
Most Efficient Drone
Compact Drone
Foldable Drone

Sentinel Military UAVs Tactical Advantages

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Long endurance, range and weather durability
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Small size, low weight, simple assembly
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Covert Operation

Low noise signature and silhouette
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Mission Specific

Rapid deployment and turn-around
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High Value

Easy maintenance, short training, high value vs. cost

Unmatched Performance

Aero Sentinel, based in Israel, is a leading military drone manufacturer in the aerospace industry, that developed the Sentinel drone series following years of experience and deep understanding of tactical needs. The Sentinel UAVs are designed and manufactured by the world’s leading military UAV experts and have gone through extensive testing to meet field requirements and MIL-Standards.

Multi Option Payloads

Today, military units comprehend the strategic need for Unmanned Aerial Systems, making them an integral part of their arsenal. Ease of operation, rapid deployment and turn-around, combined with day and thermal IR payloads, enable the Sentinel drones to become an eye in the sky, taking a significant part in real-time decision making without risking human life.

Ground Control System

Aero Sentinel offers a versatile family of military quadcopters, each specifically designed for different operational needs and all controlled by an easy to use, advanced Ground Control Station. Aero Sentinel has vast global experience in UAV operator instruction, high-tech simulator system implementation, and supplying professional literature.

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